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The state monopoly of alcohol in Japan began in 1937 with the promulgation of the Alcohol Monopoly Law. This law, taking into account the domestic and international situation of the time, established the production and sales of alcohol as a state run enterprise in order to promote a stable supply of fuel, regional agriculture, and the development of chemical related industries. Following World War II, however, this mission profile changed to the inexpensive and stable supply of industrial alcohol. In 1982, the Alcohol Manufacturing Sector of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) was transferred to the New Energy and Industrial Development Organization (NEDO). After being renamed the Alcohol Enterprise Head Office, this Head Office, along with demand-based alcohol production, began to focus on the further development of new manufacturing technologies. Over twenty years later in 2005, the Japan Alcohol Corporation Law was passed by the Diet and on April 1 2006, the Alcohol Enterprise Head Office became an independent corporation. From the outset this corporation has been designated as a Special Corporation under Japanese law, which implies that the stock of the company be entirely state-owned. Future plans, however, call for the sale of all government-owned stock at an earliest timing, making the company privately owned.

1937.4 --
Alcohol Monopoly Law takes effect. State monopoly of alcohol placed under the administration of the State Monopoly Services Bureau, Ministry of Finance.
1942.4 --
Management of alcohol sales and production transferred to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
1949.5 --
Ministry of Commerce and Industry renamed the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) .
1982.10 --
Alcohol Manufacturing Sector transferred from MITI to the New Energy Development Organization (NEDO). Subsequently, Alcohol Enterprise Head Office established.
1988.10 --
NEDO renamed the New Energy and Industrial Development Organization.
2001.4 --
Alcohol Business Law enacted.
NEDO given full control of alcohol sales and purchasing.
2003.10 --
NEDO reorganized as incorporated administrative agency.
2006.4 --
Japan Alcohol Corporation established.