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In the following section, we will introduce a number of tips for alcohol use provided by visitors to this website. At the end of this year we will select the best ideas, and present the winner with a prize.
We very much look forward to your idea and suggestions, and we hope the visitors to this site will enjoy using the ideas as well.

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Example: "Use Alcohol to Counteract Shoe Sores"
The other day when I was out walking I got a shoe sore, and it became painful to walk. Using a tightly squeezed cloth dabbed in alcohol, I rubbed the part of the shoe that was pinching my foot, and to my surprise immediately the shoe became comfortable to wear again. It was also much easier to walk in. I would definitely recommend this tip to your readers.

Brief Commentary:
Leather has a quality in which it expands when exposed to water. In this case, applying alcohol caused the leather in the shoe to expand, which fixed the part brushing against the person’s foot. Of course, it would also be okay to use water, but because it takes longer to evaporate, water can also lead to shape deformities in the shoe since it might soak through to other parts.  In that regard, alcohol evaporates much quicker, causing the necessary area only to expand for immediate relief.