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Product Analysis Management of Intellectual Properties
Scientific Presentation and Publications

We are actively challenging the development of new technologies, alcohol applications and products.

Technology Development

1) Distillation Technology Improvements of Technical Stands
Development of New Technologies
2) Analysis Technology Improvement of Quality Assurance
Introduction of New Analytical Technologies


Product Development

1) Develop new alcohol applications
2) Product development using alcohol by products
3) Improvements in customer service


Ingredient Analysis

Samples of crude fermentation alcohol are sent to us where they are analyzed using a Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer to determine their plant origins used.


Product Analysis

We have established a number of strict quality control standards covering several aspects of our final products prior to shipment. Also, further high-level analysis can be conducted based on a customer’s particular needs.


Management of Intellectual Properties

We constructed an on-site system of electronic patent application for making patents of products and technologies developed. We are managing application and keeping of patents and brands.


Scientific Presentation and Publications

[ Scientific papers published ]

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Analysis of DNA and proteins contaminated in fermented alcohol for industrial use (PDF)
Keiko Ishida-Fujii, Katsushi Arima, Reiko Sato, Shingo Goto
(R & D Center, Alcohol Enterprise Head Office, NEDO)
[Kagaku to Seibutsu, vol. 43, No.4, 272-275(2005)(in Japanese) ]

Botanical and Geographical Origin Identification of Industrial Ethanol by Stable Isotope Analyses of C,H, and O (PDF)
Keiko Ishida-Fujii1, Singo Goto1, Ryu Ueshima2,3, Keita Yamada3,4, Michikatsu Sato1, and Nohiro Yoshida2,3,4,5
(1R & D Center Alcohol Enterprise Head Office, NEDO, 2Departmennt of Environmental Science and Technology, Interdisciplinary Graduate School, 3SORST Project, JST, 4Department of Environmental Chemistry and Engineering, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering)
[Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem., vol. 69(11), 2193-2199 (2005)]

Isolation and identification of lactic acid bacteria with effect of immune protection to Eschericia coli in mice
Keiko Ishida-Fujiia, Singo Gotoa, Hiroshi Kubokib, Shin-ichi Hiranob, Michiko Sakamonob, and Michikatsu Satoa
(aR & D Center Alcohol Enterprise Head Office, NEDO, bMercian Cleantec Co.)
[BioFactor, vol. 21, 155-158 (2004)]

[ Scientific Presentations ]

Scientific Presentations