Who are we?
Please refer to us by our nickname-J.alco (Jay-Aruco).


The Japan Alcohol Corporation is pleased to present a new company logo designed to coincide with our establishment. The symbol, modeled after the English name of our company, combines the initial "J" from Japan, symbolic of our status as the most respected domestic manufacturer of alcohol, with "alco", which is an abbreviated, easy to remember form of the word alcohol. In terms of color, the green in the letter "J" stands for the all-natural fermentative alcohol we supply, while the blue "alco" represents alcohol’s clean nature. Together these colors signify a youthful, sincere company that coexists with the natural environment. The design’s secondary purpose is to bestow upon the viewer a sense of our long-standing determination to provide Japan’s highest quality alcohol products.

From April 2006, our company has embarked on a new beginning, having transformed from the Alcohol Enterprise Sector of the New Energy and Industrial Development Organization into an independent, state-founded enterprise wholly owned by the Japanese government. In addition to our eventual goal of complete privatization, the Japan Alcohol Corporation pledges to continue with development of its already world-renowned technical expertise cultivated during the era of the Alcohol Monopoly Law, as well as pursue new avenues of business in its future endeavors.
With this new mark as well as our pride and challenging spirit as a pioneer in the field of alcohol sales and manufacturing in mind, each and every employee would like to commit to use this opportunity as personal rebirth to focus their already outstanding efforts and commitment. All of us at J.alco look forward to serving you in the future.

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